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Detox & Cleanse
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60 - Capsules

60 CapsulesA depurative, diuretic, and slightly laxative formula that benefits  weight loss diets. Ideal for people who do not like herbal teasA depurative formula that eliminates body wasteA slightly laxative action that helps gently fight against occasional constipationFights water retention ..

100 - Capsules

100 CapsulesMilk thistle helps to decongest the liver and improve liver function. It also helps relieve digestive disorders. It is a hepatoprotector that helps maintain the functions of the liver.Recommended for liver trouble relief (hepatitis)Helps contribute to the protection and the regeneration ..
Brand: Jamieson

60+30 - Caplets

60 + 30 CapletsJamieson Milk Thistle is a powerful herbal supplement that helps to protect and support healthy liver function. Milk Thistle is known to help in rebuilding liver cells while removing toxins that are processed through the liver.Promotes healthy liver functionHelps to relieve digestive ..
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