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Kids Cough, Cold & Flu
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Cough Syrup Kidz - Orange
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Brand: Nylozan

120ml -

120mlAll-natural expectorant formula based on concentrated extract of dried thyme leaves.Helps relieve coughs (spasmolytic), symptoms of bronchitis and catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract.BenefitsPromotes general functioning of the respiratory tractFast-actingExpectorantAnti-inflammatoryAntispas..
Brand: Souris Verte

120ml -

120mlEven the most refractory will be pampered during a cold or allergy period. Massage the chest, legs, back and underfoot to help clear the airways and expel mucus. Whisper reassuring words. Make a difference in the fight against nasty germs. Organic Eucalyptus Massage Oil for Baby applied before ..
Jack & Jill BedTime Cough & Cold Syrup - Grape
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Brand: Buckley's

115ml -

115mlA grape way to get better. This great-tasting, grape flavoured nighttime cough suppressant provides fast, effective relief of dry cough, nasal congestion, sneezing and runny noses due to colds so your child can get to sleep.Dry CoughNasal CongestionRunny Nose..
Jack & Jill DayTime Cough & Cold Syrup - Cherry
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Brand: Buckley's

115ml -

115mlThere’s no sweeter way to make your kid better. This great-tasting, cherry flavoured cough and cold syrup provides effective relief of dry cough and nasal congestion due to colds.Dry CoughNasal Congestion..
Brand: Helixia

100ml -

100mlNaturally sourced. Clinically proven. And with a kid-approved taste. (No more scrunched up noses or negotiations!)In addition to treating coughs, Prospan by Helixia helps improve the respiratory function of kids with chronic bronchitisRelieve cough symptoms without causing drowsinessLoosen mucu..
Brand: Vicks

57ml -

57mlVicks VapoRub ointment is a topical chest rub that treats coughs and minor aches and pains. VapoRub has 3 active cough suppressants that are clinically proven to relieve coughs. Apply VapoRub topically to your chest or neck for fast acting cough relief. VapoRub Children's can be used on all chil..
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